Welcome to Vacation Rental WebSites (with Escapia API)

We create for you API powered websites engine.  We can host your existing vacation rentals website on our Escapia API-driven server, and do it for substantially less than BlueTent and other vendors.

Our advantage:

  1. Free transfer from Escapia or other vendor
    Our system automatically copies your website to our server. Only small corrections are required for design. We will do it for free. If you want a new design, then we can create it for you at a low price.
  2. Free trial.
    We offer first month free as a trial period. You will pay for our service after 30 days. If you are not satisfied with our service, then you can exit for free. You can test if everything is good and check the difference between Escapia WEB and our version your website.
  3. Free SSL from Let's Encrypt. You will get https:// address and green icon in browser address line. Our server will automatically generate and update           security certificates.
  4. Low prices. We offer the lowest prices on the market.
  5. Same or better design. Before you pay for a graphic design for your website: We will keep your design or will offer our template.
    Search engines will remember current URLs for your pages. We will keep all URLs.
  6. Powered admin area.
    Tweaking the look and the content of your website is easy in our admin area with 50+ fields to adjust your site on our setting page. Our page editor works like your current editor.

Compare ours websites with Escapia Web.

We will make our version of your website much better:

"Search" page:

  1. If you search with arrival and departure dates - we show exact "Base Rent" like "$2500", but not price range like "$78 ... $250 nightly". Results can be sorted by base rent.
  2. We will add a "Map View" icon.

    It will open in Google maps with all the properties that have been found. Visitors can select their favorite locations.

  3. Or we will add map on right side of page. Sample.

  4. If some properties / rooms are located in the same geographical location (in the same building), InfoWindow will show all these properties/rooms:

  5. "Search by property name" – shows the "Short name" (as on the Escapia site), plus we will add the "Marketing Headline" and mark the entered text in yellow.

  6. Sorting for searched properties works very fast, without reloading the page.
  7. You can select a design for search results and select 1, 2 or 3 columns.
  8. We add a "Favorite" module. Our favorite module works very quickly (our code uses the cache of the browser, without reloading the page).
    1) click to add any property to favorites
    2) click to heart icon to see favorites

    "Property" page:

  9. The new calendar is more informative:

    - tooltip will show the number of available days or that the booking is impossible.

    - dates with restricted check-in are identified by a maroon color:

    - on desktops when you select the check-in date, and move the mouse on the calendar, there will be a color hint of the availability for the selected period: yellow - less then minimum required days, green - allowed to book, red - selected unavailable days.

    - as option, you can add nightly fees to calendar. Samle:

    Customers will be very happy with this interactive calendar. It will save them a lot of time without clicks and waiting for the server response.
  10. To the signature for pictures, in addition to "Description", we have added "Picture name" filled from "Units -> Open -> Unit -> Pictures". This is not available on Escapia's websites.
  11. On desktops you can click the image on slideshow and see details in a high quality large image.
  12. Facebook & Twitter buttons are replaced by share buttons:
  13. To the address line we have added Latitude & Longitude (if known) as "Geo: xx.xxxxxx,xx.xxxxxx".

    Amenities section:

  14. Standard Amenities: grouped by category (not one long list as before).

    Rates section:

  15. To the dates in "Seasonal Rental Rates" we added "season names" (Holiday, Winter, Spring etc.).
  16. Under the "Seasonal Rental Rates" table we added "Rate Notes" (not shown on Escapia's websites).

    Around the site changes:

  17. We revised the coupon engine - the field for coupons is shown only if coupons exist for this unit (on Escapia's site if you set a coupon for one unit, then the coupon field is shown for all units on the site, which is confusing for users).
  18. We added a blog engine. Live sample here.
  19. We added a "Calendar of Events". Live sample here.
  20. We added a Attractions module. It show nearby attractions around your properties. Live sample here.
  21. We added a "Availability calendar for all properties" - on one page placed all properties with calendars. Live sample here.
  22. We added a module to show all testimonials for all properties. Live sample here.
  23. We added "Featured" module. You can place it to home page to show 3-4 or more featured properties. If you select all properties as featured, random 4 properties will be showed on module. Live sample here (if you reload this page, you will see random Featured properties every time).
  24. We programmed the top menu with 3 levels.
  25. You can add virtual tour to your units. Live sample here (select media tab).  Or here as video from YouTube.
  26. All images are optimized so they will load fast.
  27. "Scroll to top" button is placed on left-bottom corner (see sample on this page).

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) our SEO package is included on all websites for free:

  28. You can edit metatags (title, keywords, description) for each textual page (which was not possible on Escapia's websites)
  29. We added a sitemap page. Text version for visitors. sitemap.xml version for search engines for better SEO.
  30. To all pages we add microdata by schema.org - Google can use it to improve search results.
    To all pages that include microdata:
    http://schema.org/WebPage and mark mainContentOfPage,
    http://schema.org/Organization  - with your company details,
    http://schema.org/TravelAgency  - with your company details, rating and price range.

    Google can show some results with this microdata that attracts attention to your website, for example:

    For all properties included microdata:
    all listed above, and:
    http://schema.org/ItemPage (instead WebPage) and mark mainContentOfPage,
    http://schema.org/Resort or if propertie is a hotel, then http://schema.org/Hotel - with information about the properties, plus we include all reviews.


    Improved admin panel (total 50+ fields to edit you site):

  31. For text pages - you can edit the top menu, images for slideshow on home or any other pagepage, header images for text pages, metatags (title, keywords, description) for better SEO.
  32. You can set "Web Discount" in currency or in percent
  33. You can set coupons for any individual propertie or for all properties . Discount by coupon can be in currency or in percent. Our coupon system is simple to use, (on Escapia, the coupons is very difficult to use)
  34. We wrote a new code for the slideshow. You can select the type (Fade, Horizontal, Vertical), select auto play speed, show/hide arrows, bullets, thumbnails, play and pause buttons.
  35. You can select fields to use in search form (Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Pets, Amenities and custom searches).
  36. On the "Reservations" admin page you can see all the reservations made via the website.

How it works:

Information about properties is provided by Escapia Inc. via API (Application Programming Interface) feed. Editing, adding and deleting information about properties is done through the Escapia Inc. control panel. Our server simply copies this information to the property pages on your website.

If you add, edit or delete           any or all properties on the Escapia Inc. control panel, these properties will be automatically updated (after a few minutes) on your website hosted on our server.
If you close an account on Escapia Inc., then all properties will automatically be removed from your website hosted on our server (because Escapia will remove access to API).

In the booking process, information about prices, availability and guests is received from and submitted to Escapia Inc., Our server simply transfers this information between the visitor to your site and Escapia Inc. via API.
In the booking process all financial information (card or check numbers) is submitted to Escapia Inc. via API. Our server does not store this information.

The content of text pages (other than properties) is stored on our server and can be edited via our control panel.

How to Join:

  1. Send your request with the domain name of your website hosted on Escapia.
  2. We will copy your website from Escapia to our server and prepare a demo version of your new website.
  3. Review our demo version.
  4. To issue API keys go to page http://support.homeawaysoftware.com/Escapia/contact
    Select "Distribution" category.
    And send this message:
    Channel partner "Vacation Rental WebSites" developed for us a new API website.
    Please connect our account to EscapiaNET API and to HSAPI via  "Vacation Rental WebSites".
  5. Escapia support does some work, which takes a few days, and then provides you with the API keys.
  6. Send these keys to us and we will apply them to your site.
  7. Distribute your units to your website (which will now be listed as a Network Partner in your Escapia account)

    The Network Partners page will list all Partner Distribution sites and your custom API website

    Please check the box next to your website name:

  8. In the Unit Distribution page - select the units from the UNDISTRIBUTED UNITS column

    In the NETWORK PATNERS column - select your API Custom Website

    Click the DISTRIBUTE button

  9. Change the DNS records for your website to redirect requests to our server.
    Go to your domain admin panel (Godaddy, BlueHost, 1and1, etc) and change DNS records:
    @ from to
    www from portal.escapia.com to vacationrentalwebsites.net
    Screenshots from BlueHost:

  10. We will issue a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt and make your website live.

Read our How to Join FAQ


Request to Join:

Your Name:

Your Email:

Your domain:


Access Code:

Please Enter the Access Code:

Terms of Use


Fees: *

Setup fees:

  • Free transfer - if you have a live website on EscapiaWEB, we will simply move it to our server.
  • If you don’t have an existing website, we can build one for you for an hourly rate of $30.

Monthly fees:

Quantity of active properties Discounted fee for first year Fee after the first year
Up to 20 active properties $49 per month $79 per month
Up to 50 active properties $99 per month $149 per month
More 50 properties $2 per property per month $3 per property per month

For comparison: BlueTent Rezfusion fees are $5 per property per month after the first year!

* Google Maps may charge some additional fees, if you get more then 25,000 map views per month.



"When I learned that Escapia was getting out of the business of hosting websites, I didn’t know where to turn next. The prices that Blue Tent, Rezfusion, and others quoted me were exorbitant. I was so lucky to learn that Vacation Rentals Websites could help me. They built a complete website for my rental agency that looks great, works perfectly, has even more functions than the old Escapia website, and is costing me about half of what Blue Tent or Rezfusion would have charged me."
Matthew Simon
Eleuthera Vacation Rentals, Inc.
Fort Myers, FL
"We are so pleased with Vacation Rental Website.  From day one they have worked with us in a professional and courteous manner.  Very responsive to any kinks that needed to be worked out.  We have used other partner’s like Bluetent and never received the one on one attention we have gotten from Vacation Rental Website.  They are prices are extremely competitive and I am so happy we chose to partner with them.  Our website has never looked better!! I would recommend them to anyone."
Sugar Sands Vacation Rentals
Fort Walton Beach, FL
"We are a smaller vacation management company that has no need for a fancy website with a lot of feature we will never use. The website we had with EscapiaWeb was perfect for us and at a low cost.
When Escapia announced they will stop the web service in May this year, we were shocked. We were not even 2 years with Escapia and already they force us to make changes that will cost us more money. The recommended hosting sites like BlueTent and some others are up to 500% more expensive then what we paid with EscapiaWeb. They all come with a lot of features that we probably will never use.
VacationRentalWebsites is very similar to the service we had with EscapiaWeb and they have the best rates of all the other providers we visited. And we did shop around many others.
Setup was very easy and communication is fast. Our existing website was moved fast with no interruption or down time. No one even noticed the website was moved."
Vista Cay Resort
Orlando, FL
"I was initially stressed about moving my website from Escapia platform but Alex at Vacationrentalwebsites.net made it simple and painless not to mention at fair and reasonable prices! Excellent communication and follow up as well!
I would highly recommend! "
Lonelle Newman
Gen. Manager Kaleialoha Rentals
Maui, Hawaii
"We are a small husband and wife rental company that took over running Beach'n Destin in the middle of 2018. We then immediately noticed that our website support would be going away in early 2019. We were deep in the middle of our season, and I waited until the off season to start contacting companies. I couldn't believe the quotes I was getting to simply transfer our website to a new host using the built in Escapia API. I contacted all the companies that HomeAway/Escapia recommended, and it seemed that none of them understood that we can't afford to pay that much a month for a simple website that is free to integrate with our Escapia rental software we already use and pay for. That was when I got an e-mail from Alex at Vacation Rental Websites, and I got the first reasonable quote to do exactly what I wanted which was move our website to a new host and use the provided Escapia API. They helped me a lot with the transition and making the changes required in both Escapia and our domain host. I hope this will be the solution we need for years to come."
Chris Tuttell, Owner
Beach'n Destin
Miramar Beach, FL