Affiliate program for your properties managed by Escapia

Do you want to increase your bookings without spending on advertising? Use our affiliate program for properties hosted on Escapia.

High-traffic websites are looking for ways to monetize their volume. They will place affiliate links and forms on their sites and show your properties to their visitors. Some visitors will be interested and make a reservation.

The additional bookings you gain through the affiliate sites will cost you nothing, because the renter pays the extra 10% that goes to the affiliates. You are creating an opportunity for affiliates to earn extra money by promoting your links and forms, and for you gain additional bookings.

How it works:

  1. Add just one template with the cost of 10% of the rent price to your Escapia account. Distribute your properties to our server.
  2. a. We will add your properties to our We are promoting this site and you can get reservations from it.

    b. We will create a search form or link for you like this:
    Your affiliates will post this form on their websites. See a live example on this popular site
    Ask your friends and local website owners if they would like to display your form on their website as a way for them to generate additional income.

  3. Visitors who clicked through this form will see your properties. A 10% markup will be applied. The renter will pay 10% more than if they did it on your regular website.
    When the renter completes the booking process, the reservation will be saved in your Escapia account, and you can work with it as with any other reservation.

  4. After the guest has complete his stay, you will pay 7% to your partner and 3% to us for the support of the platform. Total 10%, as in the template.
    Cancelled bookings are excluded from calculations for payments.

  5. At the beginning of each month, we will send you a reminder email with a list of links for payment to partners via PayPal.


Q. How to add template for affiliate program?


Go to Accounting > Setup > Charge Templates
Click "New Charge Template"

Fill form as on screenshot below.

"Template Code" = "AffiliateCommission"
"Charge Description" = "Affiliate Commission - 10%"
"Active" = "Yes"
"Amount" = 10
"Calculation Method" = "Percent of Rent"
Select checkbox "Group this charge with rent".
"Auto-Apply" = "No" - code will apply it only on by request from our platform.
"Scope" = "Business"
"Upon Cancellation" = "Remove"

After saving, this template will appear in the templates list:

Q. How to get the template ID?

Contact Escapia support regarding the template ID for the AffiliateCommission template.

Or do it yourself:

Click on the template AffiliateCommission.

On the opened page, Right Click -> Show frame code 
In the opened code, search for the word "OpenChargeTemplate", and you will see a line like this:

form name="frmOpenChargeTemplate" method="post" action="./OpenChargeTemplate.aspx?id=12345
where "12345" - id for this template.
Send this id to us to add this commission to our database.

Or send us the full code, and we will find the template id.

Q. How do I check the amount received from affiliate template that I have to pay as a reward to partners?

A. You will see this in your Escapia account. Click on the reservation, select the Folio tab. In the list you will see a line with a description of the added affiliate template and the amount to be paid.
Affiliates can apply not only 1 template for 10%, but 2 times (total 20%) and even 3 times (total 30%). They can do this to cover the high costs of promoting your links. You must pay the full amount of all added affiliate templates.



On the Reservation tab you will see this note about the Partner ID:


All commission amounts are calculated automatically in our control panel. Just have to click on the prepared PayPal payment links and pay.
Information about PayPal payments is automatically saved in our database for correct calculation (see the example below, blue rows).



Q. Does my website have to be hosted on your server to participate in the affiliate program?

A. No, your website can be hosted on any server. Our server can be used only for the affiliate program.


Q.  charge a commission?

A. The commission is paid by the vacationers because the price will increase by 10% using the template.
Q. Do we run the payments?

A. You accept payments as on your website. Then you transfer 10% of the markup: 7% to partners and 3% to the support the platform.