How to Join FAQ

1. How to get API keys?


Select "Distribution" category.
And send this message:
Channel partner "Vacation Rental WebSites" developed for us a new API website.
Please connect our account to EscapiaNET API and to HSAPI via  "Vacation Rental WebSites".
2.  Escapia support does some work, which takes a 1-2 days, and then provides you with the API keys.
3.  Send these keys to us and we will apply them to your demo site.

2. EscapiaNET API Opt In Process

A. When you get API keys:


The Network Partners page will list all Partner Distribution sites and your custom API website

Please check the box next to your website name

2. In the Unit Distribution page - select the units from the UNDISTRIBUTED UNITS column

In the NETWORK PATNERS column - select your API Custom Website

Click the DISTRIBUTE button

3. Navigate to ADMIN > SETUP > HomeAway Software Partner

Click "Manage Partner" button.

Check mark points for "AddOns" and for "Extras"

Send API keys to us and we will apply them to your site.


3. Distribute Units via "Old Unit Distribution" (second way)

A. Escapia views your new website as a unique partner (just like HomeAway or VRBO). With the API keys you will also receive your partner name.
Add all your units to this new partner.
Go to Escapia admin panel Admin  > Setup  > EscapiaNET > Old Unit Distribution click the "Expand All" link and select checkboxes for your partner name for all the units you want on your website. Sample:

If you have many units, then distribute all your units from all pages.


4. How to get a Google Maps key?

A. Follow these instructions: (or for more information, see this official document)

  1. Go to Google Map service
  2. Select an existing project or create a new one, then click Continue.
  3. Choose "HTTP referrers (web sites)" in Key restriction section

  4. Fill in your domain. You can use multiple domains, but one should match the current domain. For example, if your site is, you will enter: (one per line)****
    if you use a subdomain e.g. bookings, enter:*
  5. Click Create.
  6. Copy the API Key then save it on your computer and submit it to our settings page. This key is limited to one view per day.
  7. Add your project, with the key you received, to your billing account via a link on the project page. Google will offer to create a new billing account or to use your existing billing account. Or you can set up your billing account following these instructions.

    Note: Google will credit each account for $200 monthly - which comes to about 28,000 map views per month. If you have fewer map views, you won't pay anything to Google.


5. How to "Change the DNS records for your website to redirect requests to our server"?

A. Go to your domain admin panel (Godaddy, BlueHost, 1and1, etc) and change DNS records:

@ from to
www from to


Screenshots from BlueHost: