Escapia to iCal calendar synchronization

We can synchronize your calendars from Escapia to iCal (*.ics files) on our API-driven server. Third-party sites can then use them to sync with their calendars and give you additional bookings.

How it works:

Information about properties and calendars is provided by Escapia Inc. via API (Application Programming Interface) feed. Our server periodically copies this information to our database and to iCal files.

If any calendar on Escapia is updated, then at the next request, our server will see this update   and change the contents of the iCal file.

Escapia provides access to the API with a limited number of requests. Therefore, we cannot send them very often and cache the calendars (*.ics files) on our server. Currently, updates are requested by a third-party website at the request of the calendar, but no more than once every 5 minutes. A third-party site should not request iCal files more often, since the files remain unchanged for at least 5 minutes and so as not to overload our server and the Escapia server.

Currently, one-way synchronization has been developed (from Escapia -> to iCal -> to third-party website). If two-way synchronization is required (third-party website -> to iCal -> to Escapia), please let us know and we will be able to program this option for an additional fee.

How to Join:

  1. To issue API keys go to page
    Select "Distribution" category.
    And send message like this:
    Channel partner "Vacation Rental WebSites" developed for us a iCal synchronization.
    Please connect our account to EscapiaNET API and to HSAPI via  "Vacation Rental WebSites".
  2. Escapia support does some work, which takes a few days, and then provides you with the API keys.
  3. Send these keys to us and we will apply them to our server.
  4. Distribute your units to our server (which will now be listed as a Network Partner in your Escapia account)

    The Network Partners page will list all Partner Distribution sites and your custom API connection to our server (find it by keyword: Vacation Rental WebSites)

    Please check the box:

  5. In the Unit Distribution page - select the units from the UNDISTRIBUTED UNITS column

    In the NETWORK PATNERS column - select our server

    Click the DISTRIBUTE button


Monthly fees: $1 per property per month (minimum $19).
Each property is checked every 5 minutes. Total 60*24/5 = 288 API requests per day. Or 8,640 per month.
If you have 100 properties, there will be almost one million API requests.

To make it work, we have expenses for a fast server, programming and maintenance.


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List of Vendors with iCal synchronization: (you can contact them to distribute your properties)

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