Dear Escapia user,
now you use website from Escapia Web Portal.

We offer the same functionality and same fees as you pay to Escapia for your website ($2 per unit per month).

After moving to our server you can cancel the fees for website service to Escapia. You will get an improved site for the same money.

Our advantage:

  1. Free transfer from Escapia
  2. Free 30 days trial.
  3. Free SSL from Let's Encrypt. You will get https:// address and green icon in browser address line. Our server will automatically generate and update  security certificates.
  4. Low prices. We offer the lowest prices on the market.
  5. Same design. Before you pay for a graphic design for your website: We will keep your design.
    Search engines will remember current URLs for your pages. We will keep all URLs.
    In summary - you will receive the same website as your current website hosted on EscapiaWEB, but it will work via Escapia's API.
  6. Powered admin area.
    Tweaking the look and the content of your website is easy in our admin area with 50+ fields to adjust your site on our setting page. Our page editor works like your current editor. Plus you can edit metatags for SEO and update  images for headers and for a slideshow on home page.
  7. Dozens of improvements to the website Escapia built for you.
Setup frees: free

Your discounted monthly fees:
Quantity of active properties Monthly Fee
Up to 25 active properties $49 per month
More 25 properties $2 per property per month

For comparison: BlueTent Rezfusion fees are $5 per property per month after the first year!

We wlil prepare for you a demo version for free.

You can compare the functionality of your website and ours.Our design is better and we offer dozens of improvements to the website Escapia built for you. Design can be changed upon your request.

You can check our offer in details and live samples:  - Eleuthera Vacation Rentals, FL  - same website, programmed for partner. Prices increased for 10%. Partner get this 10% as a commission. - RE/MAX PREMIER REALTY Inc., FL - Vista Cay Resort, FL - Maui Lodging Properties, HI - Luxury Beach, NY - Navarre Sands Rentals, FL - La Quinta Vacation Homes, CA - Beach'n Destin, FL - West Shore Vacation Properties, MI - Pytha Vacation Rentals, FL - Palmetto Properties of Myrtle Beach, SC - Cocoa Beach Best, FL - Coastal Escapes, CA

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